The most exclusive and personalized models

Specialists in customization and

personalization of electric Guitars & Bass.

Handmade customizations, unique instruments built

one by one by our experienced Luthier

Custom guitars handcrafted by luthier Israel Peral from Seville, Spain.
Our guitars are built one by one completely by hand by expert hands.
Each instrument is unique, since being handmade they will always have differences from sister models.
We will build the electric guitar or bass of your dreams, we can modify the design, color, hardware, pickups to your liking!

Are you looking for a different, personalized and eye-catching electric guitar and bass?

Here you can see some of our best-selling custom guitar models.

You have more models in our online store.

“The key to stand out on stage: a personalized electric guitar adapted to your needs”

A Reality Show in the purest style of Gas Monkey or American Choppers OCC, BUT WITH CUSTOMIZED GUITARS!!

These are some concepts of electric guitars and basses that you can buy directly.

We ship worldwide.

You only have to place your order and we will deliver it to the address you indicate.

At all times you will be informed about the interview process.

All our orders are shipped insured and with a tracking number.

How can you get a MARTPER GUITARS custom guitar?

It’s very easy, you can select the design in our STORE section and finalize your order.
In the order comments you can add any special and personalized features that you want your new instrument to have.
If you wish, you can send us an email to MARTPERGUITARS@GMAIL.COM or use our CONTACT FORM to ask us any questions or special modifications you want to make to your order.
All our models are manufactured pre-order, so we can customize your guitar to make it unique in the world and tailored to you.

How much time do we need to build it?

The term may vary depending on the demand I have in my workshop, but ranges between 2 months and 6 months.
If you need to know the exact deadline, do not hesitate to write to me to consult.

Great artists of international fame have Martper Guitars.



Back to the Future Guitars

One of the most requested models is our guitar inspired by the famous BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy.
Marty MacFly and Doc Brawn would like to have one like this to reach 1.21Gigawatts!
This guitar has it all! Functional light panel where you can enter the destination date thanks to its numerical keyboard and of course, it also has a flux capacitor!!


For the most extreme guitarists! Mythical heavy design, you will not go unnoticed.


Classic Telecaster design, but at the same time transgressive! The DeLorean in your hands!

Jaguar & Mustang

Available in Mustang and Jaguar versions. Both vintage designs fit perfectly with the time of the famous trilogy.

What is a custom guitar?

How can having a guitar made especially for me benefit me?

What benefits could having a customized guitar give me in my professional career?

Will I get more fans on my social networks?

Read this article, it is very interesting for your professional career as a guitarist

Namm Show is the most important music industry event in the world.

Martper Guitars custom has been present showing its daring, transgressive and unique designs to its entire American public.

Our exhibition was a complete success and caused great expectations among the visitors.

80% of our clients are from the United States, and being able to visit this great country was an unforgettable experience. We will be back!

Are you brave and dare to do it yourself?

Here you can find some little tips for your first guitar building and customization.

Guide to customize, paint, change pickups, adjust your guitar,

and we even teach you how to build your first DIY guitar

How to Do it yourself!

Do you dare to customize and customize your guitar yourself? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you customize your guitar or bass to modify its aesthetics, change the shape of the body, carve or engrave a drawing and tips and advice for painting the guitar yourself.

Build and customize a DIY guitar or bass kit

Assembling and customizing a DIY kit may be the best option if you don’t have prior knowledge. There are also very cheap kits and best of all, you’ll learn a lot! In this section, we show you the best way to assemble your first guitar or bass kit.

How to adjust your guitar or bass

The most spectacular and exclusive custoHow to adjust your guitar or bass is very important. Here you will find a guide on how to adjust, octavar or fifth, polish frets, adjust nut, adjust tremolo, improve string height and much more!

How to replace your pickups and improve the tone of your guitar

In this guide we show you how to replace the pickups on your guitar, whether they are humbucker, single coil, active or P90. We show you the best brands and the pickups most used by famous guitarists. With few tools and basic knowledge, you can do it!

“Unique Designs: Stand Out with a One-of-a-Kind Custom Electric Guitar”

Now you can buy the guitar of your dreams.

Trust guitar customization experts.

Very limited units, handmade work. Maximum exclusivity.

All our guitars are handcrafted by the Luthier ISRAEL PERAL

Experienced craftsman specialized in exclusive and personalized designs to suit the client.

Awarded the 1st International Great Guitar Build Off 2021 prize in the customization category.

“A visually appealing guitar can be a marketing tool in itself, as it can grab the attention of the audience on stage and on social media. In short, the aesthetics of a custom electric guitar are important both to express yourself artistically and to promote your music”.

“The electric guitar as an extension of your personality: how a customization can make you shine on stage”

Martper Guitars Custom Artists

Having a totally personalized instrument with a transgressive design is not incompatible with high quality. World-class guitarists and bassists use the Martper Guitars brand on their international tours.


Jeff Waters, guitarist, vocalist and founder of Annihilator, owner of the premium recording studio “Watters Sound Studio”


In order to build such a personalized and exclusive instrument, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge as a luthier, but also to be an expert metal craftsman, painter, electronics, 3D designer and many other craft disciplines.


Decades of experience and hundreds of guitars built and customized for all types of guitarists and bassists, whether they are amateur guitarists or guitarists with recognized fame and high prestige. Specialized in the management and export of our instruments to the whole world.


Support and guarantee in all our works. Our guitars are handmade, built by hand one by one. If you have an accident with the guitar, don’t worry. We will be happy to manufacture the spare part you need exclusively for you so that your guitar looks like new.

Do you want to stand out from the rest?

Here you have the most exclusive custom guitars.

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