Back to the future

Design inspired by the movie Back to the Future.

A guitar turned into a DeLorean?

A flux capacitor on your guitar!!

The ideal custom guitar for fans of the trilogy Back to the Future.

Our design is inspired by the DeLorean from the famous movie.

Each guitar is individually and handcrafted by our luthier.

A great customization job very detailed.

The guitar incorporates a flux capacitor whose illumination you can change color and frequency thanks to a switch. It also includes 3 numeric displays where you can enter the date you want to travel to, the date of the present and the date where you have been.

This design is available in various guitar models: Mustang, Jaguar, Explorer, Telecaster.

We can also adapt this design to other models of guitars and even electric basses!


Our custom guitars are hand-painted, with detailed decorations.

All the exclusive design is perfectly adapted to offer great comfort when playing the instrument.

Everything is designed so that you only have to worry about playing a good solo!

In addition, the weight of the guitar is practically the same as the original, so nothing changes compared to playing a standard guitar.

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